Monthly Archives: March 2015

The following new functionality and enhancements were added in this week’s release: Fund Class Mergers When instructions need to be changed so that the allocations on a specific fund (instrument class), should change to another fund (eg. from class A to class X), this new functionality will allow the user/s with the required permission (Bulk […]

In this week’s release we started with the groundwork for the functionality to be able to generate Contribution Certificates per investor. A further enhancement was also made to the import of large files (which uses background processing), by now indicating the file name of the last successfully imported file, on the import screen. Also, added […]

In this release, the ability was added to setup a workflow email address, to receive email notifications on changes made on the system.  The date and time, user that made the change and details on which field was changed with the old and new values, will be noted in the email. One of our clients […]