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Small changes including: Password protection on e-mailed statements Statements that are e-mailed to clients or advisors can now be password protected. The statement password will be the ID number of the client, as on the system, in the case of a person. In the case of a company the password will be the registration number […]

Small changes including: Benefit description on Member Benefit Statement A html text box has been added to Insurance Instruments where the Benefit can be described. The description will be displayed on the detail of the member’s Insurance Instrument Card and Statements. If the description is not added in html format, the description will display as […]

Small changes including: Job scheduler for automated functions The Jobs sub-menu has been added under the System main menu. The functionality displays the available automated jobs and scheduled jobs. The details of a scheduled job, including the run time of the job, can be set on the job itself. The last successful run of the job […]

Small changes including: Bulk transfer out and transfer in function The functionality was added to enable the bulk transfer out of selected accounts to a different product and can be found on all instruments under Investor accounts. Statement periods for automated statements Automated statements previously send all statements for a year period. With the new […]

Small changes including: List instrument accounts on the instruction screen for withdrawals, switches and transfer out This is to cater for the scenario where one investor bought units in one instrument, but through two (or more) different dealers. The account now has units with two different dealers in the same instrument, therefore units in two […]

Small changes including: Create a General Assets and Liability Report The first screen of the report provides a view of the different supplier accounts and allows the user to drill four levels in, to the actual transactions: Create a new menu to import bank statements The previous facilities to import bank statements are still available. […]

Small changes including: Create movement transactions when adding Statement balances Currently when a statement balance is added on an instrument it is just an entry in a list. In preparation, to be able to import unit account statements from bulk providers, the adding of statement balances is now movement transaction. This can be viewed on […]

Small changes including: Free cover limit for Benefits As part of the Investment Instruction, on the benefit calculation screen, “Free Cover Limit” can be ticked and an amount for the Free Cover Limit added. This amount will then be displayed on the statement as the Benefit instead of the calculated Benefit. The calculated benefit is […]

Small changes including: Expand the calculation options for Insurance Premiums The insurance premium/amount is part of the Instrument Selection on an investment and can now be calculated based on: Fixed amount (what we already could do) % of Instruction Amount (what we already could do) % of Risk Salary or Salary % Unit Rate (for every […]

Small changes including: Create the concept of a Distributor Create the ability to add a company as a Distributor with the option to link it to a Brokerage * Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.