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I’ve just seen this on twitter and I think they’re losing the plot. I can’t for the life of me understand how instant search on each keystroke will help with our already overburdened bandwidth et al. The dropdown suggestions are really helpful, but instant search? I don’t know… What do you think?

James Robertson ex from Cincom is looking:Need a Smalltalker? I’m Looking

VisualWorks announced last year the availability of a Monticello import parcel for Visual Works: but even better – Smalltalk code from any dialect can be browsed if loaded into Soek!! See a demo here: Soek has been developed by Ernest Micklei – check his blog self halt

It’s cute and we think it works so we want to tell you about it… Check out Google’s latest innovation, Instant, that shows you results as you type.

Michael Lewis Michael was a trainee with Salomon Brothers investment bank in 1985 and then worked for them as a bond salesman until after the 1987 crash. The book has three parts, largely unrelated and written in different styles. The first part in about Michael’s studies, why he wanted to work on Wall Street; how […]