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This is how I picture our development workflow. Drawing a picture like this helps me to see how we work because it gets a bit too much to hold in my head. I hope this helps to improve our process. Perhaps we can spot big flaws in our thinking. Perhaps we can see where it […]

I did a presentation for the Agile Forum of the JCSE yesterday afternoon. Here’s the event announcement. Being Agile on Prezi Doing the presentation in prezi was interesting. I believe that it has great potential and I’ve gotta learn more on using this tool. The concept of using size and zooming to create context is […]

I wrote last month about Getting result the agile way (the book). JD Meyer has another web site where I found this article about Success 2.0. One of the lessons in success (number 9) is Know yourself. This brought me in a roundabout way to an older article about You 2.0. If you read […]

We’ve recently written a bit about the pomodorotechnique. The principle thing that we want to achieve with this is to improve our levels of concentration and therefore our productivity. Will it help with an XP team? I’ve also found that it helps with general wellbeing when you stand up, re-focus your eyes frequently, stretch a […]

Read the book Getting results on-line, or buy it! The book argues the agile concept of doing the appropriate thing, at the right time with the right amount of energy (no more or less).Identify your daily 3 outcomes each day, every day. At the very least print the key concepts and plaster them where you […]

One of the topics we touched on is about work spaces and environments. I want to zoom in slightly on the desk / workspace itself. Here follows a bit of a history on my desk experience. I started off at 2 different companies with enclosed offices. In many ways I loved it. I could spend […]

The picture in your head © karbos Of course, the first thing you think of is the interrupt controller, you nerd. No, this is more about being interrupted at work. We touched on this in a mentioned elsewhere in this blog, and I was thinking we need to make it practical. Is there a connection […]

I sometimes post something on a another blog (very rarely so). Do I just refer to it here, or copy it here? Ah, well, just playing around. The entry is about being agile or not.

The name “flog” really does not reflect our intention; it’s too willy-nilly. It is simply related to “finworks blog”; a bad name nonetheless. A new name is our first job. The “works” theme comes to mind. BlogWorks? Nah. SayWorks. Better. Say it. SayItWorks. Cool. Other ideas?