The picture in your head © karbos Of course, the first thing you think of is the interrupt controller, you nerd. No, this is more about being interrupted at work. We touched on this in a mentioned elsewhere in this blog, and I was thinking we need to make it practical. Is there a connection […]

According to 37Signals the best employees are everywhere. The advances in technology has made it possible to hire people who are geographically remote from the main office. And they practice what they preach: The company exist of 16 people, living in 8 cities on two continents!

This is a conference bike. Originally conceived as an artwork by internationally recognized artist/inventor Eric Staller, the CoBi can be used for a variety of purposes and is a great way to have your (7 minute) meetings. One steers (preferably the blabbering fool) and everybody else pedals. Have a look:

How many hours a week do you spend at work? So does that mean you enjoy the paint peeling off the walls and drinking railway? Oh, you don’t know what railway is…? It’s a term a friend of mine uses for very cheap coffee (shudder). The guys at Fog Creek wanted to create the best […]

It’s cute and we think it works so we want to tell you about it… Check out Google’s latest innovation, Instant, that shows you results as you type.

Brilliant jerks? Don’t tolerate them – they break the team spirit.

A lot of the stuff we talked about at our Who Dunnit Differently get together doesn’t fit into the larger categories (that will be the topics of future posts), so in order not to lose any of the wisdom of those ideas I’m introducing the Dunnit of the Day. This will be a daily short […]

The one who wins is the one who dies with the most toys, right? The happiest employee is the one who is paid the most? Hmmm… Far be it from me to say no to these attractive options, but what if you became an owner when you started at your new job. Or if you […]

We recently got together as company to discuss different ideas to do business. Not the normal stuff. No, we went off the beaten track looking at companies like 37signals, Fog Creek, old faithful Google and some others that are breaking new gound. We looked at remuneration (NOT renumeration), office space, performance, productivity etc. We even […]

I sometimes post something on a another blog (very rarely so). Do I just refer to it here, or copy it here? Ah, well, just playing around. The entry is about being agile or not.