The one who wins is the one who dies with the most toys, right? The happiest employee is the one who is paid the most? Hmmm… Far be it from me to say no to these attractive options, but what if you became an owner when you started at your new job. Or if you […]

We recently got together as company to discuss different ideas to do business. Not the normal stuff. No, we went off the beaten track looking at companies like 37signals, Fog Creek, old faithful Google and some others that are breaking new gound. We looked at remuneration (NOT renumeration), office space, performance, productivity etc. We even […]

I sometimes post something on a another blog (very rarely so). Do I just refer to it here, or copy it here? Ah, well, just playing around. The entry is about being agile or not.

The name “flog” really does not reflect our intention; it’s too willy-nilly. It is simply related to “finworks blog”; a bad name nonetheless. A new name is our first job. The “works” theme comes to mind. BlogWorks? Nah. SayWorks. Better. Say it. SayItWorks. Cool. Other ideas?


We don’t have pictures, but these will give the idea. We had tables nicely set, good food and great fun.

Michael Lewis Michael was a trainee with Salomon Brothers investment bank in 1985 and then worked for them as a bond salesman until after the 1987 crash. The book has three parts, largely unrelated and written in different styles. The first part in about Michael’s studies, why he wanted to work on Wall Street; how […]

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