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The payment of Advisers is triggered by running the ‘Advisers to pay out’ report On selecting ‘Create Withdrawals’ the withdrawal instructions and subsequent payments are created

This is how I picture our development workflow. Drawing a picture like this helps me to see how we work because it gets a bit too much to hold in my head. I hope this helps to improve our process. Perhaps we can spot big flaws in our thinking. Perhaps we can see where it […]

So often companies operate much different than what you read in the official writings. Is this the company that you are working for? FINWorks – Who we are A challenge to all FINWorks employees to write some comments … I have again given this a lot of thought over the last couple of weeks. What […]

I did a presentation for the Agile Forum of the JCSE yesterday afternoon. Here’s the event announcement. Being Agile on Prezi Doing the presentation in prezi was interesting. I believe that it has great potential and I’ve gotta learn more on using this tool. The concept of using size and zooming to create context is […]

Except for all the other kinds of conditioning that happens in the workplace (when I say jump, you say how high) the kind that we can really NOT do without is air conditioning. Ours have been off for half the day (Kimberly, aren’t you glad you’re not here now) so I googled the effect of […]

I’ve just seen this on twitter and I think they’re losing the plot. I can’t for the life of me understand how instant search on each keystroke will help with our already overburdened bandwidth et al. The dropdown suggestions are really helpful, but instant search? I don’t know… What do you think?

I wrote last month about Getting result the agile way (the book). JD Meyer has another web site where I found this article about Success 2.0. One of the lessons in success (number 9) is Know yourself. This brought me in a roundabout way to an older article about You 2.0. If you read […]

Got the sleepies? It might be because you’re stuffing your face with chips and cola. Here are two lists showing which are the ‘brain’ foods and which are the ‘drain’ foods. BRAIN BUILDERS Avocados Bananas Lean beef Brewer’s yeast Broccoli Brown rice Brussel sprouts Cantaloupe Cheese Chicken Collard greens Eggs Flaxseed oil Legumes Milk Oatmeal […]

We’ve recently written a bit about the pomodorotechnique. The principle thing that we want to achieve with this is to improve our levels of concentration and therefore our productivity. Will it help with an XP team? I’ve also found that it helps with general wellbeing when you stand up, re-focus your eyes frequently, stretch a […]