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Small changes including: Create movement transactions when adding Statement balances Currently when a statement balance is added on an instrument it is just an entry in a list. In preparation, to be able to import unit account statements from bulk providers, the adding of statement balances is now movement transaction. This can be viewed on […]

Small changes including: Free cover limit for Benefits As part of the Investment Instruction, on the benefit calculation screen, “Free Cover Limit” can be ticked and an amount for the Free Cover Limit added. This amount will then be displayed on the statement as the Benefit instead of the calculated Benefit. The calculated benefit is […]

Small changes including: Expand the calculation options for Insurance Premiums The insurance premium/amount is part of the Instrument Selection on an investment and can now be calculated based on: Fixed amount (what we already could do) % of Instruction Amount (what we already could do) % of Risk Salary or Salary % Unit Rate (for every […]

Small changes including: Create the concept of a Distributor Create the ability to add a company as a Distributor with the option to link it to a Brokerage * Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.

Small changes including: Changes to Custodian accounts and Unit Reconciliation It is now possible to see the Unit reconciliation on the Custodian account. Asset and liability accounts are linked directly and “asset” accounts are now actual accounts on the system. Dealer Instruction Changes The Instrument instruction and Contract note screens changed to cater for Deal fees, Transaction fees and […]

Small changes including: Confirmation of Units on a Buy prior to Payment Create the ability to confirm units on a buy before paying the Instrument Provider. The units is allocated to the client on confirmation. The Dealer Instruction is only completed when the payment have been matched.   * Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker […]

Small changes including: Deal buys and sells through a trading account Create the ability to buy ETF’s or Shares through a trading account. First buy into the trading account and when the buy allocates, the confirmed amount is taken from the trading account and units are given in the ETF or share. Transaction fees are […]

Small changes including: Automatic distribution of statements to clients This feature enables administrators to select Clients or Advisors to receive statements automatically, as well as the frequency of the statements. * Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.

Small changes including: Payout original Adviser Fee amount Create the option to select ‘Payout original Amount’ on an Adviser with ‘Payout Adviser Fee’ selected. In instances where the original amount of the switch instruction to cash for the payout differs from the confirmation amount of the switch, an exchange transaction for the difference is created to the […]

Small changes including: Sharing of adviser fees The creation of the fee share model allows for the capturing of fee shares per account and the movement of the correct fee units to the fee sharing account after being taken to the main adviser account. * Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of […]