Our Solutions
The most cost effective way to manage your client's investments

INWorks is a technology company that provides investment administration solutions and automation in the financial services sector.

Our solutions cater for LISP (Linked Investment Service Providers or Fund Supermarkets) Administrators, Benefit Administrators (Section 13B Pension Fund Administrators), Unit Trust Management Companies (CIS administrators), Asset Managers, Life Office Companies, Independent Financial Advisors (IFA), Investment Clubs and any pooled investment administrator.


A solution within weeks!

Our full investment management system can be implemented within weeks allowing you to manage and administer your own investment products. We can also customise our existing software components for a customers specific needs.

We take care of all the hardware and infrastructure requirements and offer the services on a SaaS (software as a service) model. Customers only need internet access to manage their investment business.  We maintain and upgrade the service through continuous software and hardware updates.

If you are looking for your own BRAND, BETTER CLIENT SERVICE and increased PROFIT,  contact us and we’ll help you setup your own online investment platform.

Retail investment management

Our multi-currency Investment Administration Software can be used by Fund Supermarkets, Linked Investment Service Provider (LISP) and investment platforms to manage and administer client investments including:

  • investor liability register
  • client statements and reporting
  • payment and collections
  • bulking in nominee / trust accounts
  • model portfolios / wrap funds
  • asset and liability reconciliation
  • administration and advisor fees
  • cash and forex management
  • tax and investment reporting

Pension fund administration

Administrators can use our Software to manage Retirement Annuity Funds, Pension Preservation Funds, Provident Preservation Funds, Managed Annuities, Living Annuities and various other financial products:

  • member investment registry
  • employer and member contributions
  • reserve account management
  • audit reporting
  • buy and sell of underlying instruments
  • rebalancing and switching
  • contribution certificates
  • statements, tax and other reporting
  • risk and benefit calculations

Low cost recurring savings

Direct investment platforms, Investment clubs (stokvels) or other low cost savings businesses can use our Investment Software to administer investments for members and the pricing of their portfolios. This will include:

  • viewing of investment values online
  • automated SMS and email notifications
  • adjust monthly contributions
  • insurance contributions like Funeral Policies
  • sliding scale fees
  • bulk cash management
  • unit valuations system
  • document management
  • client contact recording


Group investment solutions

Invest, Withdraw and Switch instruments on behalf of a group or employer for products like Corporate Voluntary Savings, Group Retirement Annuities or Umbrella Funds. This will include:

  • submit group contributions online
  • change members and fund selections
  • handle large volumes
  • reconcile deposits and contributions
  • outstanding requirements
  • late payments
  • bulk take and resignations

Consolidated reporting

Produce custom reporting and online investment values to clients. Data can be imported from other platforms and 3rd party providers. Clients and advisers can:

  • see realtime market values online
  • performance graphs and asset allocation
  • book and commission reporting
  • investor account details
  • income details
  • account review details
  • asset reporting

Online investment information

Information about funds and performance can be displayed in a custom way. Data can be imported from various sources and displayed on a public or secure website.

  • custom fund performance graphs
  • online fund fact sheets and information
  • instrument information
  • price downloads
  • applications and forms
  • invest now application process
  • generate application forms


Model and wrap management

Easy management of model portfolios managed internally on the system or externally on other platforms:

  • calculate model fees and performance
  • compare actual with ideal models
  • see partner fee sharing
  • manage and rebalance clients
  • model asset allocations

Online automation

With our online software we automate tedious admin processes by importing data and spreadsheets. This allows for:

  • better admin controls and procedures
  • full audit trail and history on changes
  • centralised data
  • correct and less error prone information
  • cost and time savings

Multi country administration

Unit trust fund managers can administer their retail investors in different countries on our platform. This includes:

  • tax requirements per country
  • client registry per country
  • reporting per country
  • branding per country
  • full client registry administration