Confident people and communities

t is a privilege for us to be involved in the lives of people and in the community. We do this by focusing on Product, Profit and People. We are committed to make a difference in the lives of people coming from all races, genders and social backgrounds.



In the community around us we try and find opportunities where we can use our IT skills to make a difference. We do this by offering IT services at no or reduced cost, as well as through presentations and lecture assistance at various institutions.


We provide ad-hoc sponsorship to certain projects that we are involved in.


The focus is on our own employees as well as people in need.

  • We encourage our employees to have a learn and teach attitude and to further improve themselves through education and study. On a regular basis we have soft skill development sessions and offer bursaries to our internal staff.
  • We also encourage our employees to get involved in community projects.

Feel free to contact us to discuss such opportunities.

We do not have any external shareholders. Shares are held by the founders.

According to the BEE codes of 2013 FINWorks is recategorised as an EME (exempted micro enterprise).