Who We Are
and what we dream about

INWorks was born from the passion that technology should deliver on its promises. Improving the lives of the people using our services.

In 2005 the company went operational and had its first clients in the unit trust/mutual fund industry (part of the financial industry).



So often IT projects fail, are over budget and take much longer than anticipated. Are you getting the business benefit from IT systems that you feel you should? It can be different, there is so much more systems should do for you.

We believe that the technology of the future is:

  • online and fast;
  • device and location independent;
  • moving towards intensive collaboration and communication.

Our solutions focus on this trend, providing systems that demonstrate what IT really can do. We help businesses become more effective and efficient through the use of our technology. Lower their cost and increasing profitability. This way our clients can provide top quality services to their clients.



Building a significant company, bigger than individuals, that improves the lives of others.

We want to:

  • work with exciting technology;
  • explore new technologies;
  • work with creative/clever/nice people;
  • feel that we are doing something significant;
  • be involved in the community;
  • do something that is amazing;
  • solve problems that will have a great impact on the client;
  • implement solutions that the client cannot go without because it WORKS;
  • have adaptability, speed and quality in our development;
  • grow people to write better software.



At FINWorks we believe that our values are the main building blocks for the company internally to its employees and externally to its clients. When our individual purposes align with the purpose of the company, our values will be lived.

These are:

  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Team work
  • Delivery