Orbis Australia live!

We went live with the first phase of the Orbis Australia project.

Go have a look at www.orbisfunds.com.au and let me know what you think.

Left above is the new site and on the right the old one.

The first phase was a content information site with a fund database in the back-end. Admin users can login and load daily prices and change funds details.
The second phase is a investment process with online identity verification through web services to a 3rd party provider.

Some tricky, but nice things in the project were:

  • Difficult main, left and right menu structures in Seaside
  • Colours, font etc. with specific layout requests from the client
  • Performance graphs
  • Late requirements – some due to the short time to do the project, others due to the fact that it’s difficult for the client to know what he needs before he sees it in action.

Something that was bad was that good practices went out of the window the closer we got to the deadline. Things like tests and testing, normal working ours, deployment processes, etc.

In general I think we did a good job and that we produced something useful. Will wait and see what the client says….

Thanks to everybody for their long hours and hard work to make this happen.

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