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o you feel you have something to say and can add value to the experience of our blog visitors? In that case, please feel free to apply to become a Contributor to our blog.  Please note, though: You may not use our blog as a platform for advertising other than to add your website URL to your portfolio, or by way of seriously discussing or reviewing an interesting service or technology that will be of real value to our readers.

Otherwise, feel free to shoot the breeze! 😉

Acceptance as a Contributor is not guaranteed, and is at the discretion of FINWorks. We reserve the right to deactivate or suspend a contributor should we deem his/her actions to be undesirable.

So then…

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  • Then, Write to Us and let us know you registered, and that you would like to be a contributor. Remember to tell us your chosen username, otherwise we might have some trouble guessing who to grant Contributor rights to.