Recent Updates
Exciting new changes and improvements

Release – 12 March 2015

In this week’s release we started with the groundwork for the functionality to be able to generate Contribution Certificates per investor.

A further enhancement was also made to the import of large files (which uses background processing), by now indicating the file name of the last successfully imported file, on the import screen.

Also, added a new Partner Fees Report, to display a summary of the Monthly Fee Calculation figures, for all the fund managers.


Release – 5 March 2015

In this release, the ability was added to setup a workflow email address, to receive email notifications on changes made on the system.  The date and time, user that made the change and details on which field was changed with the old and new values, will be noted in the email.

One of our clients are running a campaign over a few weeks, during which they would like to change the banner on the landing page and Blog of their site a few times during the campaign period. Functionality was added whereby the administrative user will be able to upload the applicable banner image file, each time it’s needed to change it. Also, a field was added on the system configuration settings to specify the link to re-direct to, when clicking on the site’s banner.

The Source of Funds are now also configurable, to allow the administrator to add/edit the list of ” Source of Funds” that would be available from the drop-down list (when selecting the “Source of Funds” button from an instruction).

Release – 24 Feb 2015

In this release, enhancements were made to the handling of the last investor with assets in an instrument.

Also, improvements were made to the import of large files. The user is now allowed to continue on other views, by handling some of the imports as a background process, indicating the progress as the batches are being committed.

Release – 6 Feb 2015

Enhancements were made to the historical changes (audit trail) that is kept of changes made to data on the system. A lot of structural changes were made in the code, to allow for better tracking of historical changes.

In this release the noticeable changes are:

* History of changes on Instrument Prices and Fees are now logged, which will make it possible to know what the fee % on instruments, products, advisers and investor accounts were at the time of a fee run.

* The process step to authorise changes has been removed.