Say it daily 23: How to get fired

According to my research (of 2.5 minutes) these are the top reasons for people getting fired:

  • Dishonesty, evasion, or lack of integrity on the job.
  • Lying on a resume.
  • Refusing to follow directions and orders.
  • Talking too much and conducting personal business at work. I have personal experience of this – I got fired as a cashier because I tried to build personal relations with my customers… :’-(
  • Inconsistency – unreliable work and behaviors.
  • Inability to get along with other people.
  • Inability to actually do assigned job tasks.
  • Performing tasks slowly, with numerous errors.
  • High absenteeism rate.
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse.
Well I thought it was interesting…slink away…

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