System Components
Solutions that grow with your business

Benefits of using FINWorks:

  • on-line
  • fast
  • any where (any time)
  • device independent
  • custom solutions
  • specific problems
  • ability to CHANGE
  • grow with business
  • time to market
  • shared risk
  • complete solution
  • no IT skills needed
  • experience – we know how
  • technology for the future

ome of the components that we have developed in our system are listed below. These can easily be adapted and changed to suite the customer’s individual need.

  • Investment Administration: Client and investment administration platform for Retail Unit Trust Companies, LISPS (Linked Investment Service Providers) and Platform administrators. Keeps track of investments, unit registry, cash and documents.
  • Group Investment: Management of investments instructions done on behalf of individuals (employees) by an employer (the group). The investments are submitted to the Investment Administration System or external LOB. Typically used for bulk savings like Group Employee Savings or Stokvels.
  • Fund management content: Custom display of unit trust funds and fund management related contents. Display information about the fund manager such as investment strategy and teams involved. Display information about funds such as performance graphs, price history and various PDF documents related to the funds and the fund management company.
  • New business take-on tool: Web based component that allows to register different types of users and capture client details. It generates application forms and sends captured data to backend systems.
  • Payment and collections: This component can create ACB format payments, transfer and collection files. These files can be imported into online banking and pre-populates your payments and collections (debit orders)
  • Bank reconciliation: with this component we can import bank statement and link bank entries to actual transactions like payments to clients or bulk providers. This allows for on the fly reconciliation.
  • Model portfolio management: Tracking, graphing and performance monitor of model portfolios
  • Fee calculator: custom solutions to calculate different fee, rebate and commissions
  • Instrument performance: with this model we can generate PDF, graph etc of various instruments, their performance, asset allocation and other related¬†data
  • Interest Calculator – Calculates interest over different periods using different interest rate intervals.
  • Insurance Quotation: Custom quotation component for specific risk products.
  • Currency converter – Converting currencies based on exchange rates imported in the system.