Back-end Administration
Front to Back Office Administration Made Easy

Sophisticated administration simplified through tried and tested processes to make your administration a breeze.

  • Aggregation and bulking of units with wholesale dealing. Unit registry of individual accounts are automatically reconciled with bulk dealing accounts.
  • Full history on all events with audit trail and authorisation processes built into the system.
  • ‘No hassle’ fees and distribution processes that can be run multiple times per month.
  • Easy capture and validate processes to make traditional new business take-on easy and effective.
  • Integrated front office and back office.
  • Build in client, notification (SMS and email), client interaction (CRM), work flow and document management.

admin notifications

Capture your forms, like new business application, as close as possible at source. Make it easy for the admin people to capture your data if not submitted electronically. They could have dual screens to capture a faxed instruction and the capture screens should be very similar to the application forms. Even easier, let your adviser assistant or direct client capture investments online.


Customised front ends are used for each client to fit into their own business process. Looking at a basic investment process like the picture below, the system helps the administrator to capture and process investments.

admin invest

System adds up all the individual trades for the day and creates instructions to investment managers. These are confirmed and units are allocated to individual investor accounts.

nominee investment


Detail information are stored on bulk trades, underlying instruments and cash flow. This including dealing calendars, daily prices and other information that can be used to generate real-time investment disclosures and other documentation.

admin switch

nominee transfer

basic withdraw

admin withdraw