Custom Software Solutions that work

INWorks provides software solutions and automation in the financial sector. Our main area of focus is investment administration, especially back office solutions for LISP (Linked Investment Service Provider or Fund Supermarkets), Benefit Administrators, Unit Trust Companies, Asset Managers, Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)  and other financial service providers.


Custom Software Solutions

Our solutions are built as components of our main financial system. Clients use part or all of the components. They are web based and can be integrated into other systems. Have a look at our current software components.

These solutions are aimed at the customer that needs to get to the market in a short time with a solution of high quality that can be changed over time. Have a look at our Approach to get a better idea of how we work. Our development methods allow us to implement new releases of our software in production every week.

We understand technology, its cost and how to implement effective systems in the financial industry. The ability to change and continually improve is a fundamental aspect of our software. Over the years we have created an expert team that adapted tried and tested development methodologies, to allow us to build long term sustainable systems.

With our vast experience in software development and financial investments, we provide custom software solutions within days. We can deliver proof of concept and pilot systems that can expand into full business solutions over time.



We offer specialised consulting services in the financial administration domain including:

  • project management
  • technology architecture
  • integrations
  • migrations
  • technology management
  • system evaluation
  • business process re-engineering

We furthermore offer a service to assist, develop and train the client’s internal resources to use the techniques, methodologies and technologies that we implement.


IT Training

We offer beginners and advanced courses in Object Oriented Development, mainly using Smalltalk with specific implementation in the financial sector. Its easy to teach somebody a language, but good programming manners and character takes years to develop. For more information on our training courses visit our Training page.