Use Cases
Implementations of our system

rom basic account consolidation to managing the investors assets online. The FINWorks system gives our clients the online presence they need.

Direct, retail and institutional investments, single or multi-currency, products registered in different countries with different legislation and tax rules, all can now be managed on the same platform. Various parties like investors, advisors, instrument providers and administrators can be given access to certain information and allowed to perform certain investment functions.

“Being able to present a singular, straight to the point, and easily understood report/overview of the client’s investments (irrespective of what platform/LISP the portfolio is administered on) has enhanced our value-add to our clients. The fact that these reports can also be customised with our company logo and colours is a plus.” – Tracy Van Der Merwe (Vickers and Peters Financial Planning: Client Relations)

Client stories:

Retail unit trust administration

One of our clients saw an opportunity to expand their retail fund business, but needed a system to service the client and adviser better. Their current Portfolio Management system is good at managing portfolios, but larger volumes of accounts requires something more efficient with an online presence.

Using our Investment Software they can now manage client investments and send bulk trades to their Portfolio Management system. This small change to their business model allows the retail business to focus on servicing the client and expanding the business, while the portfolio management side can continue with what they are good at: growing the fund portfolio.

Benefits include:

  • online investor login
  • realtime market values and reporting
  • document and compliance management
  • adviser login and book reporting
  • automated statements and fee runs
  • easy tax and management reporting

Pension fund administration

Doing benefit administration can be cumbersome and expensive, not to mention the risk if you don’t have proper audit trails of all your transactions. One of our clients needed a system to replace their manual proceses, spreadsheets and archaic systems that made audit trails difficult. Administration overhead was getting to much and eating into profits.

They now use our Software to manage Retirement Annuity Funds, Pension Preservation Funds, Provident Preservation Funds, Managed Annuities, Living Annuities and Umbrella Funds in an accurate and cost efficient manner. They have easy access to all transactions and history of who changed what.

Other features include:

  • accurate member registry
  • employer and member contributions
  • reserve account management
  • audit trail and history on changes
  • automated contribution certificates
  • easy tax submissions
  • risk and benefit calculations
  • cash management and reconciliation


Consolidated reporting

Combining a clients investments by getting values from various providers is not an easy task. A client of ours battled getting investment statements from other platform providers into a single consolidated statement to give their investors a better view of their overall investment portfolio and to review their financial position.

By using our system they can now import data from other platforms and 3rd party providers to produce a single statement to the client. Data is more accurate and they save a lot of time to produce up to date reports. Wealth managers can now access the information from anywhere at any time at the push of a button.

Benefits include:

  • combined realtime market values
  • performance and growth graphs
  • asset allocation
  • client relationship mangement
  • income details
  • account review history
  • investor and adviser login
  • management reports

Group investment solutions

Reconciling monthly employee investment schedules can be a nightmare. Sending email spreadsheets back and forth between the payroll division of the employer and the administrator is just a recipe for errors. An administration nightmare is looming as soon as the business starts to grow. One of our clients was in that position and needed a solution to mange their grouped investments business.

Today they are managing thousands of investors and employers a month. By using our system employers can now login and submit schedules online. Our client can now run their Corporate Voluntary Savings and Group Retirement Annuities on the same platform processes to handle large volumes of business.

Features include:

  • easy quotes and application process
  • submit group contributions online
  • change members and fund selections
  • reconcile deposits and contributions
  • outstanding requirements
  • late payment management
  • bulk take-on and resignations


Personal share portfolio

Managing personal share portfolios on Retirement Funds is not easy if you want to keep accurate records and give regular feedback to your clients. One of our customers needed the ability to managed their PSP’s in a more efficiently manner by providing accurate and up to date information to their clients.

Using our Investment Software to manage investments for members they can now easily price their portfolios and send instructions to the portfolio managers. This has reduced the admin overhead of the business and simultaneously improving client services.

Benefits include:

  • viewing of values online
  • portfolio price calculator
  • unit valuation system
  • sliding scale fees
  • cash management
  • document management
  • compliance management

Online investment information

Displaying content on your public website that changes often requires a system that integrated well with your backend operations. Information need to be accurate and reliable. We have a client that required a system with the ability to change the content often as new marketing campaigns are launched.

By using our services they now have a integrated public website that displays custom fund information, performance and other investment details. Data are imported from various sources to display online. Social media initiatives are directed to the online website with backlinks.  Investors can use an easy online “Invest Now” process to automatically generate application forms and submit investments.

Other benefits include:

  • custom fund performance graphs
  • online fund fact sheets and information
  • blog and social media integration
  • invest now application process
  • online KYC verification


Model portfolio management

We were approached by a client that managed multiple model or wrap portfolios on various platforms. Tracking the performance of the models to the actual underlying asset allocation is not an easy task. They required a system to do this automatically.

By using our services they can now import actual asset allocations from the model and compare that with the ideal model as well as the intended model allocation.

Features include:

  • calculate model fees and performance
  • compare actual with ideal models
  • rebalance models
  • model asset allocations

Multi country fund administration

Keeping track of your business in one country can be difficult, not to say in multiple countries with different legislation. One of our clients planned to expand their product to other countries and needed a system to handle this.

With the help of our services they can manage their retail investors in their funds in different countries on one platform. Part of the business can be centralised since administrators can login from any where in the world.

Additional benefits include:

  • tax requirements per country
  • client registry per country
  • reporting per country
  • branding per country
  • portfolio values in any currency


Online automation

There are so many different ways to do the same thing in the investment space. A client of ours started off by using spreadsheets to model their solutions. The risk of making mistakes increased over time and they needed a better solution that could provide a proper audit trail.

With our online software we automated some of their tedious admin processes by importing data and spreadsheets and producing more accurate reports. Their partners can login online and get these reports instantly.

This allows for:

  • better admin controls and procedures
  • full audit trail and history on changes
  • centralised data
  • correct and less error prone information
  • cost and time savings

Multi currency administration

Receiving deposits in various currencies and dealing in instruments at different providers is difficult to manage. Reconciling the cash flows between deposit and transacting accounts are even more difficult. One of our clients had a problem to manage their international investments.

Using our system they can now track multi-currency pooled deals, including cash flows and foreign exchange transactions. They can also managed portfolio instruments and rebalance these bulk portfolios.

Features include:

  • currency conversion and forex transactions
  • market values in preferred currency
  • multiple currency trading accounts
  • cash management
  • multiple dealers per instrument
  • multi currency reporting


Fund supermarket (LISP)

Asset and liabilities need to match if you manage investments in a structure like a nominee or trust. We were approached by a client that needed a system to manage these complex investment structures.

By using our Software they could manage investments online, see when and where to move money and generate bulk trades to instrument providers.

Other benefits include:

  • online liability and asset register
  • internal money transfers
  • bulking in nominee / trust accounts
  • asset and liability reconciliation
  • distributions and withholdings tax
  • tax and investment reporting

Low cost recurring investment

A client of ours saw an opportunity to enter a market with large volumes and low value investments. Although it can be an administration nightmare, they where brave enough to create a Investment clubs (Stokvels) business. They needed to keep cost low by not having many back office employees and have effective systems to make administration and record keeping easy.

By partnering with FINWorks to use our Investment Software to manage investments for members in their clubs they can now keep costs low and have accurate records of their club’s investments. With an easy unit valuation system they can value the club portfolios and give member up to date market values.

Benefits include:

  • automated SMS and email notifications
  • easy update of monthly contributions
  • unit valuations system
  • easy debit order collections
  • daily unit reconciliation
  • daily cash reconciliation
  • online club administrator login