Who dunnit differently – Introducing the Dunnit of the day

A lot of the stuff we talked about at our Who Dunnit Differently get together doesn’t fit into the larger categories (that will be the topics of future posts), so in order not to lose any of the wisdom of those ideas I’m introducing the Dunnit of the Day. This will be a daily short paragraph of something, someone said that we thought was cool or different.

Dunnit of the day 1: Meetings are poison
According to the guys at 37signals meetings are the enemies of productivity because they serve as interruptions (actually interruption is the enemy of productivity). They are convinced that most meetings can be conducted successfully in 7 minutes. They fail because people tend to talk abstractly instead of concretely. They also fail because they drift off into no-mans-land and are kept there by at least one blabbering fool.

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