Who dunnit differently – The workplace: A home away form home?

How many hours a week do you spend at work? So does that mean you enjoy the paint peeling off the walls and drinking railway? Oh, you don’t know what railway is…? It’s a term a friend of mine uses for very cheap coffee (shudder).

The guys at Fog Creek wanted to create the best possible working environment. The whole idea was that if you wanted to have drinks with friends after dinner you would want to bring them to work. Here is what they did…
  • They gave each developer a quiet corner where they could really get to work. Yes, real quiet: each office is soundproof.
  • They gave them a view from their quiet corners.
  • They gave them 20 power outlets on their desks.
  • They put an 8 port network switch into every office.
  • They gave them $900 chairs to sit on (sleep on, use as a trampoline and whatever the dingo else you can do on a chair of that price) in their quiet corner.
  • They gave them huge screens to work on for pair programming.
  • They gave them nice straight desks to facilitate pair programming.
  • They put in a shower and a library at work.
  • They put in a cafeteria at work where they could get balanced meals.

They were not allowed to take the chairs home to sleep in.

And with everybody going green these days, why not go green with your workspace. How to create one? You will need:
  • One good location in an established garden
  • One proper roof to shape the area
  • One cupboard (per four employees) that blends into the environment
  • One fold down desk and one fold down chair per employee
  • One wireless technology (OK – I know that’s lame)
  • yada yada
Shake together in a mild location and voilà you have your outside office.
Seriously guys – office space is important. Make the most of it!

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