• Combined realtime market values
  • Relationships between entities e.g husband/wife/trust
  • Multiple account owners
  • Detailed transaction history from external platform
  • Compare holdings and transaction history
  • Flag problem accounts
  • Fee and manual expense accruals
  • Performance and growth graphs
  • Asset and liability statements
  • Pre and post retirement cash flows
  • Financial needs analysis (FNA)
  • Graphs and projections
  • Password protected statement
  • Account returns and instrument IRR’s
  • Asset allocation
  • Client relationship management
  • Income details
  • Account review history
  • Investor and adviser login
  • User management and password resets
  • Management reports

Giving a client a consolidated view of all his investments across different providers is not an easy task if you don’t have systems to help you. A client of ours battled getting investment statements from other platform providers into a single consolidated statement to give their investors a better view of their overall investment portfolio and to review their financial position.

By using our system they can now import data from other platforms and 3rd party providers to produce a single statement to the client. Data is more accurate and they save a lot of time to produce up to date reports. Wealth managers can now access the information from anywhere at any time at the push of a button.

consolidated reporting