LISP / Fund Supermarket



    • Online liability and asset register
    • Internal money transfers
    • Bulking in nominee / trust accounts
    • Unit and cash reconciliation
    • Distributions, withholdings tax and revenue service reporting
    • Client web portal
    • Client statements
    • Tax certificates, IT3(b), IT3(c), IT3(s), Contribution certificates
    • SARS submission for DWT and IT3
    • Adviser portal
    • Workflow
    • Adviser and brokerage compliance
    • Work checklist
    • Risk assessment
    • Welcome letters
    • Event driven automatic client communication
    • Client compliance
    • Related parties and entities
    • Complex cashflow management
    • Rounding and floating accounts
    • Whole unit bulking
    • Calastone, Finswitch integration
    • Online Banking and host to host integration
    • Model portfolios / wrap funds
    • Management reporting
    • Linked accounts and families
    • Multi-currency dealing and forex
    • Adjustments and fixes
    • Payments and collections
    • Outstanding requirements
    • Product rule setup
    • Document management
    • Investment dealing
    • Tax and investment reporting

Easy reconciliation between Asset and liabilities. Manage investments in a structure like a nominee, trust or third party custodian.

By using our software you could manage investments online, see when and where to move money and generate bulk trades to instrument providers, dealers and stock brokers. Reporting to clients, brokerages and regulatory bodies are accurate and realtime.

fund supermarket