Other Solutions



  • Automated SMS and email notifications
  • Easy update of monthly contributions
  • Unit valuations system
  • Easy debit order collections
  • Daily unit reconciliation
  • Private equity funds
  • Multi policy endowments
  • Venture Capital Fund (VCC)
  • Structured products
  • Low cost recurring investments
  • Multi-product life insurance
  • Combined life insurance and investments
  • Savings clubs and stokvels
  • Portfolio price calculator
  • Custom fund performance graphs
  • Online fund fact sheets and information
  • Blog and social media integration
  • Invest now application process
  • Calculate model fees and performance
  • Compare actual with ideal models
  • Multi-country fund administration
  • Tax requirements per country
  • Branding per country
  • Portfolio values in any currency
  • Process automation
  • Legacy books and unit linked policies
  • Daily cash reconciliation
  • Online club administrator login

We offer solutions for various other investment and insurance products. With our state of the art technology one can easily adapt the system for new requirements. Our solutions reduce administration effort and makes record keeping easy.

By partnering with FINWorks we can adapt our software for new business ventures and pilot projects. With an easy unit valuation system you can value portfolios and give investors up to date market values.

low cost recurring investment