Pension Fund



  • Accurate member register
  • Online login for members and employers
  • Capture or import new client details
  • Bank account and contact details
  • Employer and member contribution
  • Administrator and fund sponsor online login
  • Reserve account management
  • Policy data reports
  • Audit trail and history on changes
  • Contribution certificates and submission to revenue services
  • Merging of entities and accounts
  • Advisers with minimum fees structures
  • Add or import new instruments
  • Personal share portfolios (PSP), unit trusts, money market
  • Re-pricing instruments that deals in amount only
  • Oversell and undersell if sell in amount
  • Add-hoc fees and adjustments
  • Cancel dealer instructions and corrections
  • Share or unit transfer in and out
  • Recurring payments with tax calculations
  • Asset class setup and reporting
  • Tax table setup per year
  • Manual identify of bank entries like charges
  • Easy tax submissions
  • Risk and benefit calculations
  • Dealing in the market
  • Cash management
  • Reconciling market deals with member records

Doing member level administration can be cumbersome and expensive, not to mention regulatory requirements that often change. One of our clients needed a system to replace their archaic systems and manual processes with spreadsheets ad-ons. Administration overheads were getting too much and eating into their profits.

They now use our Software to manage Retirement Annuity Funds, Pension Preservation Funds, Provident Preservation Funds, Managed Annuities, Living Annuities and Umbrella Funds in an accurate and cost efficient manner. They have easy access to all transactions and history of who changed what.