Hosted services

We partner with reputable hosting providers utilising state of the art technology to provide reliable, high performance hosting solutions. They provide stable networks and round-the-clock support to ensure our services stay up and stays fast. We have automatic redundancy and failover environments (hot-standby) for all our clients that are monitored and backed up daily.

Our services are offered on a SaaS (software as a service) model where we take care of all the supporting technology around the system, including hardware, security, hosting and other infrastructure requirements. We maintain and upgrade the service on an ongoing basis giving our clients peace of mind that the software will always be relevant in an ever changing market.

The system is customised and branded for each of our customers and can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device with internet access.


We are committed to continuously improve the product to keep up with new opportunities and challenges of the market. To meet the changing needs of our clients, we make use of advanced technologies to enhance our software on a regular basis. We release new versions to all our clients at least once a month.








  • Adapt to handle market changes and opportunities.
  • Courage to make core changes.
  • Find simple solutions which work – then build on that.


All our data is secured using authentic SSL certificates, meaning any communication between servers and client devices are strongly encrypted.
We continuously make sure that our systems are secure and updated, including making use of external security testing companies to verify this.