Administration & Dealing


Sophisticated administration

simplified through tried and tested processes to make your administration a breeze.


Aggregation of investments for bulk dealing, contract note confirmation and re-allocation back to individual unit accounts. Integration with bulk dealers, re-insurers and banking partners.


Liability register of individual accounts are daily reconciled with bulk deals, cash movements and suppliers/dealer accounts. Full management reports on unit and cash liabilities versus assets.


History on all events and changes are built into the system with segregation of duties. Track who made changes with triggers for authorisation on important fields.


Calculation of interest, fees, commissions, transaction charges, insurance and re-insurance cost. Fee runs and distribution processes that can be scheduled. Multiple fee types and receiving parties with the ability to cater for amortised fees and fee split transactions.


Define any number of products with easy setup of underlying product rules and transacting bank accounts. Setup custom branding, statements, fee structures and instruments defaults.


Build in client, notification (SMS and email), client interaction (CRM), workflow and document management. Assign tasks to certain employees making sure your business runs smoothly.

Customised front ends are used for each client to fit into their own business process. Looking at a basic investment process like the picture below, the system helps the administrator to capture and process investments.

Basic Investment
Cash Flow Diagram

Basic investment diagram

System adds up all the individual trades for the day and creates instructions to dealers. Contract notes are confirmed and assets are allocated to individual investor accounts.

Complex Investment
Cash Flow Diagram

Nominee investment diagram

Detail information are stored on bulk trades, underlying instruments and cash flow. This including dealing calendars, daily prices and other information that can be used to generate real-time investment disclosures and other documentation.

Basic Withdrawal
Cash Flow Diagram


Complex Withdrawal
Cash Flow Diagram