Release – 16 January 2018

Small changes including:

  • Rename Ongoing – and Upfront Fees to Fees – Annual and Fees – Initial
  • Add csv download facilities to Fee Runs under Fees – Annual
  • Add the option to choose amount or units to Upload Ad-hoc fees
  • Adjust automated transaction notifications statement period to take business days into account

Benefit description on Member Benefit Statement

A html text box has been added to Insurance Instruments where the Benefit can be described. The description will be displayed on the detail of the member’s Insurance Instrument Card and Statements. If the description is not added in html format, the description will display as a continuous line of text.

Display on Member Benefit Statement

Voluntary Contributions on Employer Recurring Investments

Voluntary Contributions to an Employer group can be activates on an Employer’s Detail screen. The field will then be available on group member’s investment instructions where an amount can be added.

Automate Debit Order – and Direct Debit Collection

‘Automatic Debit Order Batching Job’ has been added to the job scheduler (System -> Jobs) as an available job to schedule. The job will run daily at the scheduled time and automatically create the debit Order batches that can be created manually under Banking->Debit Order Batches.

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.