Release – 23 February 2018

Small changes including:

  • Make changes to which available lists an instrument is added on import
  • Improve error message if exchange rate is required when account default currency is changed
  • Add currency related columns to Instrument Summary Report
  • Add Returns Card to Sub-fund accounts
  • Make changes to which available lists an instrument is added when Bulk Recurring Investment changes are made
  • Add ability to move logo left, right or centre on Statements & Certificates
  • Add the ability to download the warning tables on Import historical transactions for Glacier and Momentum
  • Give admin the ability to tick or untick completed withdrawal instructions to be cash flow transactions or not
  • Change FICA references to Compliance
  • Improve the calculation of estimated units on distributions
  • Allow Advisers to see un-adjusted views on Current Holdings
  • Create refund report for configurations not using transacting model

Capital Gains Tax Certificates

1. Bulk Capital Gains Tax Certificates can now be generated, per product, for a selected financial year

2. Interim Capital Gains Tax  Certificates can be generated on individual investment accounts, covering a date range as selected

For more information see Capital Gains Certificate in the System Guide

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.