Release – 24 October 2017

Small changes including:

  • Create a facility under Configuration to set the default transaction date on a Dealer instruction
  • Add Liability – and Asset accounts navigation to instrument accounts
  • Ensure that buys and sells through a trading account use the same dealer on the trading account as the dealer set on the instrument to be bought or sold
  • Improve the message displayed when a bank account has not been setup on an instrument account to match with
  • Improve views for Contact person login
  • Add the facility to ‘kick off’ cash only withdrawals on the commencement date

List instrument accounts on the instruction screen for withdrawals, switches and transfer out

This is to cater for the scenario where one investor bought units in one instrument, but through two (or more) different dealers. The account now has units with two different dealers in the same instrument, therefore units in two different instrument accounts on the instrument.

When the investor wants to sell, switch  or transfer out some of the units in the instrument, the instruction needs to display the units bought through the different dealers separately, with an option to select which units, from which dealer, need to be sold.

This addition will have no visible effect on instructions of investors where all units in an instrument have been bought through one dealer.

In the example below the client bought 4.5654 units in Koikoi Commodity Fund through Potter Securities Dealers and at a later stage another 400 units in Koikoi Commodity Fund, but through Potter Securities Dealers.

The Holdings view will show the holdings in Koikoi Commodity Fund as a combined value:

In the case of a withdrawal, switch, adjustment, internal switch, re-balance, booked units, transfer out, distribution and fees, it is necessary to know which dealer or instrument account must be used. In such cases the holdings in the instrument Koikoi Commodity Fund will be displayed per dealer:

Facility to set prices on Portfolio Instruments

The system calculates the price of a Portfolio Instrument by dividing the market value of the Composed Investor account by the units issued at a specific date. This calculated price can now be set and captured for all Portfolio Instruments, for a specified date, by selecting one button. The facility to override the calculated price remains available on the Portfolio instrument and instructions:

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.