Release – 25 August 2017

Small changes including:

  • Increase allowed accounts on bulk Statement run
  • Move bank format to Instrument Account
  • Add contribution type for employer and employee contributions to investor and employee import files
  • Change default Compliance (FAIS) settings when creating new Brokerages or Advisers
  • Add “Annual adviser fee start date” to the investor import
  • Improve performance in displaying accounts
  • Add “AUM import name” column to the platform list of models
  • Expand model portfolio import formats
  • Add ‘Instrument currency market value’ to the detail holdings screen and statement
  • Allow different periods on different amortisations
  • Add change person to company and vice versa
  • Add “Account Closed” to the list of Status descriptions on an In-active investor account
  • Create a ‘No contribution’ to simplify notification when we possible match on bank statement import
  • Add allow amortisation setting on product

Free cover limit for Benefits

As part of the Investment Instruction, on the benefit calculation screen, “Free Cover Limit” can be ticked and an amount for the Free Cover Limit added. This amount will then be displayed on the statement as the Benefit instead of the calculated Benefit. The calculated benefit is still used to determine the premium (if the premium is based on the benefit).

Free Cover Limits apply to members who does not go for the required medicals, but are still accepted for Free Cover Benefits.

Client Groups for filtering

Different Client Groups can be created and selected on an Investor account. The group can then be used as a filter on Instruction lists and when Dealer Instructions are created.

* Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.