Release 30 January 2019 – Split Insurance – and Investment Instrument selection

Split Insurance – and Investment Instrument selection on an Investment Instruction

The selection of Insurance Instruments have been separated from the selection of Investment instruments on an investment instruction. The instrument selection table now uses the new Net Investment Amount (see 1 below) for the investment instrument splits and validation. The asset allocation table on the instruction will show the asset allocations for the instruments in the investment split section only (see 2 below). This change enable the possibility to link an account with insurance instruments to a Model Portfolio and only the investment section will be forced into the Model. It is also possible to invest only in insurance instruments, if the functionality is available on the configuration.

Small changes including:

  • Remove empty space sensitivity from search field
  • Standardise Insurance Instrument Account views
  • Improve Insurance Instrument instruction import to use defaults as setup on the insurance instrument
  • Move CSV import file objects to disk file objects to limit database size
  • Add Authorisation warning if no adviser has been selected on an account and broker fee is applicable on an insurance instrument instruction
  • Create Policy document generation facility on some configurations. See link
  • Allow matching of multiple bank entry payments to dealer instruction
  • Create .xml file formats for Payment Batches and Debit orders
  • Improve performance on large configurations
  • Change the transaction date of insurance instrument buys to the deposit bank entry date in line with cash buys
  • Add Account Term (years) to investor accounts
  • Add the option to activate user login under System->Configuration->Email Changes
  • Improve Outstanding requirement emails to employers and advisors

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.