Release – 27 July 2017

Small changes including:

  • Add FinSwitch import facility
  • Make transaction – and deal fees applicable to all instruments
  • Add minimum employees report
  • Add Bloomberg Ticker and Morningstar SECID to all instruments
  • Create Portfolio Instruments and Composed Investor Accounts
  • Add a list of fee types under system
  • Expand statuses on inactive instruments
  • Create the ability to specify the sell leg of a switch in amount
  • Declare and allocate distributions per instrument account
  • Add a list of all instruments in the system under the Instrument menu
  • Improve unit reconciliation and split bank accounts and statements

Expand the calculation options for Insurance Premiums

The insurance premium/amount is part of the Instrument Selection on an investment and can now be calculated based on:
Fixed amount (what we already could do)
% of Instruction Amount (what we already could do)
% of Risk Salary or Salary
% Unit Rate (for every R10 or R1000, x%)

Each insurance instrument can also have a different calculation.

Make instruction descriptions editable per product

Instruction descriptions as they appear in the system, on client statements, e-mails and smses can now be customised per product.

* Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.