Release 30 September 2021 – Statement Improvements

Statement Improvements

In this release we have added more flexibility to what can be displayed/not displayed in some sections of account statements and combined statements. One of the improvements provide the option to add an Adviser Fee Details section to a statement and the option to add contact details to the adviser section of a statement.

More changes include:

  • Add option to display or not display ‘Not yet registered? Sign up here’ on login page. See link
  • Change creation of dealer instruction not to create a buy for small amounts that is unlikely to allocate. See link
  • Add link to Model portfolio from Account details card
  • Increase deal fee maximum threshold to 50%
  • Allow matching of multiple bank entries to a buy dealer instruction
  • Ensure updating a historical transaction also adds it to the S3 transaction file
  • Add ‘Withholding tax on dividends’ as an option to add to Interest and Dividend certificate
  • Ensure only fee rates applicable to the product is displayed on the statement in the Administration fee rates per year section
  • Limit the from date of the first interest distributions on a cash instrument to the first date of last month (and not before that)
  • Change system to only consider ongoing fees on client accounts. See link for the definition of a client account
  • Add popup message to cancel/reject of investor instructions and cancel of dealer instructions that require a non-empty reason for the action. Reason is stored under notes on the instruction
  • Remove Returns summary – and investment summary card from non-client accounts to improve performance
  • Add substitutes for {ModelPortfolioName} and {Product} to statement sections ‘Account holdings summary’, ‘Account holdings summary (opening balance)’ and ‘Administration fee rates table’
  • Add flexibility to combined statement sections ‘Investment summary for statement period’ and ‘Investment summary since inception’ to be able to select columns to display and customised column headings
  • Add functionality to ‘Adviser details’ section of statements to be able to display/not display initial and ongoing fee rates, email and phone number
  • Add first name and client number (with the option to use an external ID) to the statement section ‘Account details
  • Add default bank accounts to investor import and – export
  • Add Sanlam dealer instruction format
  • Add member account investment value by date and detailed download to Employers (New and Existing Members card, select investment value)
  • Add export transactions to employers (New and Existing Members card->View Details->More Actions)
  • Unbundle permission ‘Manual payments’ into 5 separate permissions: Investments not cleared’, ‘Waiting for clearance’, ‘Waiting for payment’, ‘Waiting for tax’, ‘Tax fields’
  • Changes to Export Transaction Data Job (S3). See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.