Brokerage Fees Card

Release 4 September 2020 – Brokerage Fees Card

Brokerage Fees Card

In this release, we have added functionality to show the Fees Card on a Brokerage, similar to the Fees Card on an Adviser, and we also list the Adviser Code and Adviser Name. The Fee Report and Accrued Fees is accessible from the More Actions button.

More changes include:

  • Create ability to cancel failed debit order collection
  • Update Automatic Fee Run Job email to indication if there were any Unprocessed Fees in the fee run
  • Update Bank of New York statement import format
  • Add ‘Units on issue’ and ‘share registry’ download options to Instrument summary report
  • Create functionality to specify collection date in the future on debit order run job
  • Add NAMPAY ssvs file format to debit order – and payment batches
  • Update Upload Contract Notes functionality to include a column for ‘Priced in’ (Y/N)
  • Add the ability to match a distribution for a net amount, which might include both debit and credit entries
  • Add ‘Has life assured’ as option on product. If true, life assured can be added to investor accounts and life assured will default to owner on the creation of new investor accounts. See link
  • Create functionality to do forex between cash instruments that are not at the same dealer. See link
  • Add privacy tick to document types. Private document will only be visible to users with permission ‘View private documents’
  • Make compliance requirements one directional
  • Add currency drop-down option to Investors-Investor accounts
  • Link the visibility of politically exposed and risk warning messages on accounts to the Compliance risk’ permission on an entity
  • Add ability to search for instructions in a debit order batch
  • Add additional permission categories to global permissions to add more flexibility in permission selection
  • Add frequency of payment template to policy document templates
  • Add columns to supplier instrument account, Liability Summary Card -> More Actions (Liability accounts)
  • Update debit order collection file, ISO20020, to version 008.001.02
  • Add Citi and Orbis Dealer instruction files under Bulk Processes -> Dealer Instruction -> More Actions (Instrument Instructions) -> More Actions (Bulk Instruction File)
  • Add Import Finswitch Asset Allocation to Instruments -> Asset Classes -> More Actions

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.