Release 7 May 2018 – Direct Investment


Single currency direct client dealing

It is now possible to setup products on which single currency direct dealing can be done. Here the underlying instrument is bought in the name of the client and not in the name of the Asset holder custodian.

Small changes including:

  • Add functionality to bulk re-balance instructions linked to a model portfolio, without re-balancing the portfolios as well
  • The export of employer group members function is now available under ‘More Actions’ on the Employer(see link)
  • Add the ability to stop a buy instruction where it is in the process and mark it as completed (see link)
  • Add Model Portfolio instruments automatically (after giving a warning and asking) to an employer with members linked to the Model Portfolio

Confirm units before payment is received

Units can be confirmed and payments made before the money has been received. To do this you need an overdraft facility at the bank OR a cash float. Once the money is received the money can then be matched to the payments and the status of the Dealer instruction will change from ‘Allocated not paid’ to ‘Confirmed’.

Activate the functionality by selecting ‘Has overdraft facility’ on the bank account into which the money will be deposited.

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.