Release 19 July 2018 – Add ongoing Fee Types

Ability to add more Ongoing fee Types

This release contains the functionality to add more ongoing fee types under the System main menu, which can then be selected/included on a product. The fee can then be overridden on an instrument and on the investor account. The fee can also be shared as currently possible with Administration fees. See Link

Small changes including:

  • Add functionality where the Priced-in fee can exceed the Deal fee
  • Create the ability to resume an automatic email statements job that did not complete
  • Add the ability to load multiple recurring/debit Order instructions on an account that is not part of an employer group
  • Change Trading Accounts to have an account per dealer
  • Allow all accounts on the Custodian to be selectable as ‘Buy payment account’ on an instrument account
  • Create fee split functionality for accounts through which direct dealing is done
  • Add more options/flexibility to emails send to employers
  • Change currency to Cash in Currency instruments
  • Do forex exchange as late as possible
  • Late Submission report changes for general reminder email (applicable to some configurations)
  • Merge Bank Entry Type with Historical Transaction Type
  • Add the ability to import Finswitch prices using the web services button
  • Add automatic Finswitch price import with the job scheduler

Transferring money between Asset holder Custodian and Owner Custodian

During investments money would be transferred from the bank account of the Owner Custodian to the bank account of the Asset holder custodian, if the Owner Custodian differs from the Asset holder Custodian on the product that is invested in.

During a withdrawal money would be transferred from the Asset holder custodian’s bank account to the Owner Custodian’s bank account before being paid out to the account owner. It is now possible to select, on the product, not to transfer the money to the Owner custodian’s bank account prior to paying the withdrawal money out to the account owner.

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.