Release – 9 June 2017

Small changes including:

  • Create Supplier accounts for Dealers and Custodians
  • Ability to split Initial Investment Fees and Ongoing Administration fees on an Account
  • Expand fields available on ‘Import Investors’ file
  • Ability to import restricted funds on Employers without adding them to the list of available instruments
  • Activate Import Historical Transactions menu

Changes to Custodian accounts and Unit Reconciliation

It is now possible to see the Unit reconciliation on the Custodian account. Asset and liability accounts are linked directly and “asset” accounts are now actual accounts on the system.

Dealer Instruction Changes

The Instrument instruction and Contract note screens changed to cater for Deal fees, Transaction fees and Priced-in fee.

* Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.