Release – 9 November 2017

Small changes including:

  • Change fee run to include all unprocessed fees; also accounts where no funds where available to take fees from
  • Add a warning message to unit confirmation when the price – and transaction dates do not match
  • Add currency to Adviser’s and Brokerage’s available instrument list
  • Enable bi-annual third party submissions to SARS
  • Add a warning message when buying a share or ETF without a trading account being set on the instrument
  • Add registration link on login screen

Bulk transfer out and transfer in function

The functionality was added to enable the bulk transfer out of selected accounts to a different product and can be found on all instruments under Investor accounts.

Statement periods for automated statements

Automated statements previously send all statements for a year period. With the new functionality it is possible to select the period of the statement:

The period can be set from 0 to 12 (0=since inception, 1=1 month, 2=2 months etc.)

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.