Release – 9 October 2017

Small changes including:

  • Add Sasfin to the list of possible bank statement import formats
  • Change the way brokerages links to Distributors
  • Add ‘Additional Interest, Fees and Taxes’ to the Investor import format
  • Make improvements to the Dealer instruction document
  • Improve the performance on the export of large Transaction files
  • Create a report facility for client holdings on a specified date
  • Create a General transactions report to find any transaction on the system
  • Ensure that the Working, Reserve and Fee portfolio of a product has the same asset holder custodian as the product
  • Ensure that the Document card on investor account only list the latest documents
  • Allow the Company contact person to see the relevant company’s investment account as read only
  • Change the recon screen under instruments to cater for multiple instrument accounts

Create a General Assets and Liability Report

The first screen of the report provides a view of the different supplier accounts and allows the user to drill four levels in, to the actual transactions:

Create a new menu to import bank statements

The previous facilities to import bank statements are still available. The new facility provides a shorter route (less clicks) to import a bank statement.

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.