Release 11 March 2019 – Adviser Fee Card

Adviser Fee Card

Functionality have been added to the Adviser Fee Card, to provide more, and easier accessible information to the Adviser. The Fees report and Accrued Fees report under More Actions on the card, now also contains a date filter.

More changes including:

  • Add ‘Swift code’ to Investor Export and Investor import
  • Allow bulk re-balance when an account have instructions in progress; warning message would still be displayed
  • Move ‘Politically Exposed Parties (PEP)’ to entity level and add PEP report under Entities Main menu
  • Add import of Increase date, increase amount/% and Increase type to Investor imports
  • Add Inactive date (status date) on investor accounts
  • Include variables for Adviser surname, initials, first name and title to notification messages to advisers
  • Add text ‘auto recur’ to the status of a recurring withdrawal or – investment that does not need to be authorised
  • Add Standard Bank SWIFT MT942 format to bank statement import formats
  • Change signatories on an account to accommodate more than one signatory
  • Create the functionality to distribute expenses that are charged on a bank account to investors who have holdings in the bank account. See link
  • Add IRR to Investors -> Export Investor Holdings
  • Make policy document available to all configurations. See link
  • Create functionality to move the commencement date of recurring investments and withdrawals automatically to the previous working day, where the commencement date falls on a public holiday or weekend. See link
  • Add expiry date to documents
  • Change Outstanding Requirements to Compliance Requirements with the ability to select which requirements are compliant. See link
  • Add Settlor and Protector to Trusts
  • List all transactions, related to an instruction, on the instruction. See link
  • Add the main user for each configuration to the password reset on the test environments
  • Improve information and reports available on an adviser card
  • Improve the display of user login history
  • Add purpose field, which applies to withdrawals, to Instructions->Completed Instructions
  • Add Completed Instructions report to adviser’s client card; only completed instructions of the adviser’s clients will be displayed
  • Create the functionality to take bank charges into account during money – or forex transfers, to enable correct dealer instruction amounts. See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.