Release 11 November 2020 – Adviser and Brokerage flows graph

Adviser and Brokerage flows graph

In this release we have added a flows graph to the Flows card on an adviser and brokerage. The graph defaults to a view of in – and out flows. A view of net flows can be selected on the graph by clicking on the legend ‘Net flow’.

More changes include:

  • Add fee portfolio filter and detailed accounts download to Investors -> Investor Accounts
  • Add columns and currency to Detailed download of Completed Instructions report
  • Add settlement day options to shares and bonds
  • Add validation of model set on account to investment instruction imports
  • Add Transaction details download to instrument accounts (Account Holdings Card -> More Actions -> Instrument accounts -> Instrument Account number -> More Actions)
  • Add functionality to prevent debit order collection cash to be paid out within a specified period. See link
  • Add an option to the dealing card on an instrument to specify if units must be rounded up or down
  • Add more columns to Investors -> Export Investor Holdings
  • Improve share registry generation (Instruments -> All Instruments -> (More Actions) Instrument Summary Report -> (More Actions) Share Register)
  • Add more selection options to Export investors. See link
  • Add option to Jobs to be able to specify Job status email recipient
  • Include ‘maiden name’ in main search results
  • Change order of cards displayed on an adviser to improve visual flow
  • Expand insurance instrument functionality to accommodate different cost structures on the same insurance instrument
  • Include CPI in financial needs analysis calculation, when a future date is selected for an income item
  • Add functionality to Workflow task to be able to mark the task as completed
  • Add option to specify multiple benchmark splits (Benchmark Compositions) on an instrument, applicable from different dates
  • Make compliance between linked entities related to requirements relevant to linked roles
  • Simplify adding life assure on an account if the policy holder is the life assured
  • Add functionality to be able to switch money between custodians. See link
  • Add permission for the visibility of the main menu item, Investor accounts. The permission will be ‘false’ on all new users created and will have to be changed to ‘true on new users who require this view
  • For the latest changes on Export Transaction Data Job (S3) refer to the latest Files and Fields, refer to link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.