Release 13 April 2018 – Adviser Dashboard


Adviser Dashboard

The Advisers role now opens up to a full facade with, among others, cards for:

  • Adviser details
  • Instruments – display top 7 instruments in which the adviser’s clients have the highest investments
  • Investor accounts – display clients with highest holdings value and facility to import customer (also see Clients Card under Adviser Dashboard)
  • Compliance License – Available products, instruments and Model portfolios
  • Employer clients
  • Fees – including fee portfolios and Fee Report


Small changes including:

  • Add ‘Remove all’ function to available instrument lists on Advisors, Brokerages and Products
  • Expand the information displayed on bank entry matched screens
  • Ensure that filtered instruction lists are restricted to what have been filtered
  • Move Recurring instructions to the Instructions main menu
  • Add ‘can be authorised’ checkbox to Submitted Instructions under the Instructions main menu
  • Add currency to the debit order csv file
  • Add Product filter to Active Employers list under Employers main menu
  • Create ‘Accrued fees’ report that can display fees accrued between two dates
  • Add e-mail addresses to Entities screen
  • Add Product selection to the ‘Automatic Email Statements Job’
  • Create ‘Fees Taken’ report that includes all fees taken over the period selected

Export – and Import Investors Reports

The export investors file have been moved from Investors->Import Investors to Investors->Export Investors.

Additional columns for Distributors, Brokerages and Adviser – and Administration Fee Splits have been added to the Export Investors Report. The report makes provision for a maximum of 5 Adviser fee splits and a maximum of 4 Administration fee splits.

To export the .csv report as previously available under Import Investors, select ‘Only export columns you can import’.


Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.