Release – 5 February 2018

Small changes including:

  • Add additional columns to Unit Recon Report
  • Add unit/amount balances to Asset and Liability Report
  • Add instrument status to Instrument Summary Report
  • Add the updating of broker information to Import Silica historical transactions and Import Silica Market value reports
  • Add the ability to change the display and statement currency per account on an Account owner with more than one account
  • Store exchange rates on the Holdings import files of Momentum and Glacier
  • Create new report ‘Employer contributions per month’

Password protection on e-mailed statements

Statements that are e-mailed to clients or advisors can now be password protected. The statement password will be the ID number of the client, as on the system, in the case of a person. In the case of a company the password will be the registration number of the company, as on the system.

To activate password protection:

Advisor Fees on Suspended Instruments

Currently advisor fees are taken on all instruments, including instruments with a status description of ‘Suspended No Advisor Fees’. The functionality has now been added to unselect the taking of advisor fees on instruments with status description ‘Suspended No Advisor Fees’, by unticking the setting ‘Take suspended adviser fees’ on the system screen.

For more information see Advisor Fees on suspended Instruments in the System Guide

Interest and Dividends Certificates

1. Bulk Interest and Dividends Certificates can now be generated, per product, for a selected financial year

2. Interim Interest and Dividends Certificates can be generated on individual investment accounts, covering a date range as selected

For more information see Interest and Dividends Certificates in the System Guide

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.