1. Bulk Interest and Dividends Certificates can be generated, per product, for a selected financial year
2. Interim Interest and Dividends Certificates can be generated on individual investment accounts, covering a date range as selected

1.Bulk Interest and Dividends Certificates

Use the product filter to select the required product and specify the date range of the tax year for which certificates must be generated.

Click on the “Search” button to generate the list of investors.

Select the “Create Certificates” button to start the background process to generate the certificates.

The certificates will start to generate in the background, which means the user may navigate away and work from other menu items, while the process is busy.
The progress will be updated, as the batch completes and the progress notification can be refreshed by clicking again on the “Certificates-Interest and Dividends” menu item.

On completion, the process status will display the number of certificates generated.
In the “Certificate” column, the download links will be available for the PDF files, with the investment number and financial year in the file name.

The download link for the PDF file will be available on the Document card of the individual Investor Accounts

2. Interim Interest and Dividends Certificates

Select the “More Actions” button from the Current Holdings Card on an Investor account

Select the date range required and click refresh. Select ‘Generate PDF’ to download the interim Interest and Dividends Certificate.

Sample of Interest and Dividends Certificate layout

See Add notes to Tax certificates, Add director information to Tax Certificates and Logo on statements and certificates

For more information on how to setup distribution split categories and withholding tax percentages which will influence the values in the Interest and Dividends Certificates see: