Release 24 May 2019 – Individual Needs Analysis and Cash flows

Individual Needs Analysis and Cash flows


In this release, the individual Needs Analysis and Cash flow functionality have reached maturity and can be used as a valuable tool to advice and assist clients in planning for retirement and/or manage available retirement funds. Further enhancements will still be done to the functionality in future releases. See Balance sheets and Cash flows for more information



More changes including:

  • Prevent importing duplicate bank entries (date, reference, amount) on stadium bank format imports
  • Inactive account statuses can be marked ‘Add to bulk exits’. It would then appear as a drop-down option under Bulk Processes->Bulk Exits
  • Allow capital gains tax on shares and bonds
  • Add base cost to unit transfer in, to be used in capital gains tax calculation
  • If the ongoing fee method  on an investor account is ‘From instrument’, make all available instruments on the product selectable as the instrument to take fees from
  • Add all transaction notification preferences per transaction type to import – and export investor reports
  • Allow EFT/deposit or scheduled payment as payment options on recurring investment
  • Create new report, Common Reporting Standard (OECD), under Investors -> Investor Accounts (More Actions)
  • Add checkboxes to Instruments -> Portfolio instruments -> More Actions (update all prices), to enable the functionality to just update the prices of the selected instruments
  • Show reversed and re-matched premium transactions on Insurance instrument, View details card
  • Split debit order reversals out as a separate row (Clients – Debit orders (reversals)) in the Cash Recon report
  • Show linked relationship accounts on needs analysis balance sheet
  • Change the Additional details, under Person card -> More Actions (Additional details), to one screen
  • Add field, % annual draw down, under Cash Flow Calculations -Monthly pension in today’s’ terms * 12 / Present value
  • Add graphs to pre – and post retirement needs analysis cash flows
  • Mark existing investment balances that are automatically added to needs analysis balance sheets as ‘Realised on retirement’ and include the values in the cash flow calculations
  • Split needs analysis balance sheet items into ‘Monthly Value’ or ‘Once-off Value’ and add field to state if the item is ‘Compulsory’ or ‘Voluntary’
  • Show both non compliant and outstanding requirements on the main ‘Compliance requirements’ card and rename the card to ‘Requirements’. See link
  • Rename System->Compliance requirement types to Requirement types and add a field ‘Required for compliance’ to Requirement types. See link
  • Integrate required documents with requirements by adding a radio button (checklist or document) to requirement types. See link
  • Add default initial administration fee splits to product, similar to existing ongoing fee share defaults on product
  • Add option to an investor to receive a sms and/or email when a change request (Entity->Change Request) has been approved.
  • Include additional detail fields (on a person) to investor import and investor export files
  • Improve investor statements to enhance the look and provide more options. See link
  • Add option under System->Configuration to set exports to .csv (easy to operate in excel) or .tsv (provide for special characters)

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.