Release 10 December 2021 – Welcome letter

Welcome letter

In this release we have added configurable functionality to be able to email welcome letters to a list of new investors, where the first instruction was completed on an account. The welcome letter will be emailed as an attachment together with the product policy document and account statement. See link for more detail.

More changes include:

  • Add ability to remove employer adviser from employee
  • Ensure collected debit order batches show status as ‘upload confirmed’
  • Show unit reversal on the transaction list of reversed debit order instructions
  • Change cancel of sell dealer instruction to cancel the dealer instruction and leave the investor sell instruction intact
  • Add functionality to be able to use the same fee portfolio (per custodian) for all advisers on a brokerage. See link
  • Ensure payment amount on 100% withdrawal remains unchanged (last fees taken) if funds are deposited in the account after 100% withdrawal payment batch was created
  • Add escalation rate & – date to Instructions->Recurring Investments & – withdrawals
  • Add tax free total-investments fields to investor import/export
  • Create functionality to add client classifications to investor accounts. See link
  • Add benchmark composition option to all instruments
  • Ensure withdrawals with money transfer only appear on money transfer after authorisation
  • Add Product column to Reports->New Business
  • Add ‘Proceed with cash sells job’ to System->Jobs
  • Add password options to password protected pdfs. See link
  • Add an option to the Automatic Email Statements Job to send combined statements
  • No changes to the Export Transaction Data Job (S3). See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.