Release 19 October 2018 – Recurring Investments

Stop Recurring investments after number of Recurring investments

Recurring Investments now contain a ‘Should stop after number of Recurrences’ field. If unticked the recurring investment will continue without a finite amount of recurrences. If ticked, the number of recurrences can be specified and will decrease on each recurrence.

The number of recurrences left can be changed by rejecting a submitted instruction, editing the number of recurrences and resubmitting it.

Small changes including:

  • Add Model Portfolio column on Employer Contribution instruction screen
  • Include filters for Employer and Date Range on Completed Instructions
  • Move reports Model Portfolio Allocation Comparison and Model Portfolio Platform Instructions to More Actions on the Model Portfolios screen
  • Change Ongoing fee shares to be able to select any fee portfolio/account that has the same asset holder custodian
  • Add importing of Finswitch transactions as an automatic, scheduled job to System->Jobs
  • Make display order on selection list and actual statement order for combined statements consistent
  • Add default dealer fields to Insurance Instruments
  • Add a field for “day of month” when creating a recurring instruction. See link
  • Change date on Active Instruction table to show Commencement date and not Create date and add Commencement date column to View details
  • Categorise permissions and split some permissions up to create more flexibility and options. See link
  • Split transaction notification templates and selection options on completed investments for transfer in, transfer out, switches and re-investment switches. See link
  • Add imported bank statements to documents
  • Add Instrument Provider to Portfolio Instruments
  • Add functionality to be able to link 2 employers groups. See link
  • Add ‘sell cash flow instrument’ field to instruments. See link
  • Rename ‘Minimum net contribution amount’ to ‘Minimum total investment instruction amount’ and ‘Minimum debit order amount’ to ‘Minimum recurring investment instruction amount’ on a product. See link
  • Add deposit Account to Product. See link
  • Add insurance rate table functionality under System->Insurance Rates

Multiple contact persons on company

Group contacts and company contacts have been merged into a single list of contacts on a company.┬áMultiple contacts can be added on a company, with the contact role and – permissions (if the contact has a user role).

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.