Release 8 November 2021 – SARS files

SARS files

In this release we have added functionality to generate SARS files for IT3b, ITR3c and ITR3s half yearly as an interim without generating the actual tax certificates. Then at year end the full year’s SARS files can be generated that matches the Tax certificates generated. See link for more details.

SARS files are generated per IT3 type. The SARS files can be generated per Product or per Custodian.

The generated files can be accessed under Bulk Processes -> SARS files

More changes include:

  • Password protect outstanding requirements email with PDF document
  • Add additional employer fields to investor import and – export
  • Add option to be able to sent Fund fact sheets as attachments to automatic email statement jobs. See link
  • Ensure withdrawals from a fee portfolio does not have ‘tax on withdrawal’ selected
  • Ensure that fees does not accrue on fee portfolios
  • Add additional columns to Bulk processes -> Dealer instructions -> More Actions -> Instrument Instructions
  • Add option to generate SARS files per custodian
  • Prevent bulk matching of debit-order investments that have not been included in a debit order batch
  • Ensure payment batches where all payments have been matched shows status as ‘Upload Confirmed’
  • Use the instruction currency when overriding the initial administration or adviser fee on an instruction.
  • Where proceeds from distributions need to be withdrawn or switched and the amount is to small, do not create a switch or withdrawal
  • Add Instrument type filter on Unit Recon Report (Instruments – All Instruments -> More Actions -> Unit Recon)
  • Add preferred-currency fields to investor import and – export
  • Make ‘known as’ field on entity available on all configurations
  • Add more configurable options to statement defaults
  • Changes to Export Transaction Data Job (S3). See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.