Release 15 April 2021 – Reset all user passwords

Reset all user passwords

We’ve added the ability for a user administrator to reset passwords of all users. This functionality gives the user administrator the ability to force the change of passwords according to their internal security policy. e.g either on an ah-hoc basis, or on a regular interval.

See link

More changes include:

  • Add Purpose field to imports under Bulk Processes-> Bulk Instruction Import
  • Exclude fee portfolios from requirements for investor accounts
  • Update benefit and number of required recurrences on insurance when person’s date of birth is changed
  • Add all ongoing fees to Account Details Card
  • Add all ongoing fees to ‘Administration fee rates per year table’ section on statement defaults
  • Add option to show only fee portfolios to Investors -> investor accounts
  • Change distributions to allocate to the working portfolio and then write exchange transactions to the investor accounts. See link
  • Add column ‘transaction type’ to the Transaction report
  • Allow statement jobs for inactive accounts
  • Add ‘Due date’ to workflow tasks
  • Add functionality to automatic email each user his tasks for the day. See link
  • Add styling field to email templates to accommodate html styling and styling for mobile emails
  • Create functionality to allocate rebates on a supplier instrument account. See link
  • Create a new card on adviser, brokerage and instrument provider called Transaction Flow: Summary card
  • Change fee rate percentages to allow 6 decimals
  • Change transaction – and deal fee descriptions to be more descriptive
  • Change deal fee calculation to be the exact percentage of the amount received in the bank
  • Add ‘New employers’ report to Employers – > Active employers -> More Actions
  • Create functionality to base early surrender fees in fixed term contracts on the account and not individual investments. See link
  • Add Instruction permission ‘View Details’ to facilitate restriction on viewing details on an instruction
  • Add account status column and filters to Debit order history screen
  • Improve investor export report to only show instruments with a fund selection
  • Add Filter & “Select All” to Payment Batches
  • Include historical fee transactions in adviser fee report. See link
  • Allow matching of a deal fee (negative amount) on a sell instruction
  • Updates to PAYE SARS recon file. See link
  • Add functionality to reverse a fee transaction
  • A more secure password hash has been implemented as part of a security upgrade
  • Changes to Export Transaction Data Job (S3) – Added “Type group” to transactions. See link

Refer to your online Pivotal Tracker Project for a full list of changes and enhancements for the release.